Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hooded Mergansers

The Hooded Merganser was the bird that got us most interested in bird watching. They would come by our home on a small lake in New Jersey every fall. We are thrilled that they are nearby in California, too.

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  1. Good morning:

    Interesting pictures!
    I found the blog in FLICKR BABY ANIMALS - I love that site; so beautiful/peaceful...
    I noticed you love birds, me too: as most of the animals (the main reason I became vegetarian!)...
    I liked the ones that show TURTLES too_I confess that in the first one... I thought some bad/strong animal was eating/attacking!
    There is a park in my city that has these turtles; they are famous - and some years ago... They weren´t being feed enough_and used to attack the birds who were in the lake!
    I have an aunt who lives in England that adores to study/take pictures of birds as well_and in the country where I live (Brazil)... Several species!
    I have the mania (I bet several people have 2): when I see a bird landed in an antenna, I watch it until it leaves! One evidence I like them...
    I read you moved to CA recently: what city? My parents lived there long time ago, in the beginning of the 70´s... Nice State.
    That´s it. And congratulations for the images.

    Thank you,
    Rodrigo Rosa