Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another Bonus of the New Landscaping

This morning there were a lot of finches at the fruit on one of our new cactus plants. Even the cat was having a great time watching all the activity through the window. Later in the afternoon after Chris got back from errands, she noticed the Orioles were joining in on the fun. She got some pictures with our non-bird camera since it was close by. It seemed better to capture something instead of missing the shot while looking for the bird camera. Often when Chris is doing the photographing, her intent is merely to have photographic evidence for Mike so he doesn't think she is making things up. The Oriole did bump the finches off the fruit and take a turn eating, but those pictures weren't as clear. That's okay - this one is much more amusing since the finch has its entire head in the fruit!
Hooded Oriole and Finch on Cactus

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